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Sacred Living Feng Shui & Intuitive Consultations


The Feng Consultation

The duration and fees of a Feng Shui consultation vary based on the size of the property and the client's goals. Most consultations are a minimum of 2 hours.  

At the beginning of your consultation, I will briefly talk about Feng Shui and ask a few questions about the history of your home. We will discuss your goals and what you would like to improve in your life.  

Together, we will do a walk through of both the interior and exterior of your home. I will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the flow of energy in your physical surroundings. After careful assessment, I will offer suggestions and instructions on how to enhance and make adjustments to bring your environment into optimal, comfort and balance.  

I will recommend cures that are easy and simple to do, as well as those best suited to your financial circumstances and lifestyle. 


Space Clearing/Blessing Ceremonies

The energy in your home has everything to do with the energy in your life; therefore, one of the most important parts of a Feng Shui consultation is the use of blessing rituals and ceremonies to adjust the energy of your home, your property and your life.

Blessing rituals and ceremonies enable you to honor the sacredness of your surroundings and encourage growth, luck and prosperity.  They are more commonly known to be done before moving into a new home, for the grand opening of a business or new office space  and during a ground breaking ceremony.  A blessing ceremony is also a way to clear negative predecessor energy, removing the energy associated with sickness or death, releasing negative ghosts or spirits and during times of bad luck.  A blessing ritual can also be performed on your car for safe driving or on your office desk and chair for success and good fortune.  

Many home and business owners choose to have a blessing ceremony done annually to bring in new and auspicious energy and to clear out old and stagnant energy.

After proper implementing a blessing ceremony, you should feel lighter, happier and more focused.  


Selling & Buying A Home

If you are preparing to sell your house, it is an excellent time to set an appointment for a consultation. I will examine and assess the property and give recommendations on how to adjust the energy to attract the right people to buy your house, and point out potential problem areas that may turn buyers away.  

If you are preparing to buy a new house, it would be a good idea to get an overview of your living area so that you can become aware of how the placement of permanent structures are affecting you and your life and whether you will need major or minor adjustment.